Together we all face the great challenge of making our use of raw materials and energy more sustainable. We take responsibility for making a positive contribution to this and are actively engaged in limiting our impact on the environment. We are committed to examining the impact of our activities on the environment, the public and the living environment and adapting our policy accordingly.

CSR Report

In the Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR) we report on the various aspects of our social policy.

Part of our policy is the concept of the 3 P’s:
  • People: Welfare of employees
  • Planet: Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Profit: Contributing to society
Welfare of employees
Reducing C02 emissions
Contribution to society

Thanks to the reduction in energy consumption within our business operations and reduction of CO2 in projects and in the chain, we have been rectified on the CO2 performance ladder v3.1 on step 3 since April 2016.

Our goal? Achieve at least level 4 on the CO2 performance ladder. We achieve this by including the emission data of our suppliers and waste processing companies in the new CO2 reduction plans.


Some of the measures we have taken and the projects we are involved in with regard to sustainability.

Green power

Since 2019, Sialtech has been consuming green electricity. This electricity is sustainably produced by energy supplier Engie in the Riedpolder, located between Harlingen and Franeker. As a result, the scope 2 CO2 emissions of our offices decreased significantly.

Sustainable supplier

We are registered at, the platform for organizations that want to invest in sustainability. We update our emissions data twice a year on the website about safe and responsible operations.

CO2 compensation

The annual CO2 emissions of our machines and vehicles are fully compensated.

CO2 footprint of U15

Sialtech participated between 2016 and 2018 in in the CO2 footprint project U15. This project compared the footprints of participants and allows participants to exchange knowledge and tips.